3 on 3 hockey with Paul Manning

3 on 3 Hockey Camp: Extending the Hockey Season with Paul Manning.

A Fantastic Edmonton Hockey Camp.

The Power of 3 on 3 Hockey: A Spring of Growth and Fun

  3 on 3 Hockey with Paul Manning Max wasn’t ready to hang up his skates when the regular hockey season ended. That’s when we discovered Paul Manning’s 3 on 3 hockey camp—the perfect way to extend his great season into the spring and continue developing his skills.

Creating a Team of Super Friends

One of the best aspects of this 3 on 3 hockey experience was the ability to form a team with familiar faces. Max signed up with several of his teammates and even invited some friends from school. This combination created a “super friends” team, blending camaraderie with competitive spirit.

The Structure of Paul Manning’s 3 on 3 Hockey Camp

  3 on 3 hockey camp schedule displaying diverse session times for teams. Image shows multiple 1-hour game slots and 1.25-hour skills sessions throughout the week. Schedule highlights division matchups, coaching times, and playoff information for the spring league in Edmonton.

Session Types

The camp offered two main types of sessions:
  1. One-hour games
  2. Extended 1.15-hour sessions

Sessions Breakdown

The 3 on 3 hockey camp offered 1.25-hour ice times designated as skills days, perfectly aligned with the five crucial elements emphasized by HockeySchool.org: Passing, Shooting, Skating, Speed, and Hockey IQ. During the first 35-40 minutes, players rotated through skills stations, including specialized goalie instruction. These stations focused on refining passing accuracy, enhancing shooting techniques, improving skating efficiency, and boosting overall speed. The remaining 35-40 minutes were devoted to a full-ice 3 on 3 game, providing an ideal environment for players to apply their sharpened skills and develop their Hockey IQ in real-game situations. This balanced approach ensured that players could work on all five key elements, transitioning smoothly from focused practice to practical application, thereby accelerating their overall hockey development.

Developing All-Round Players

The unique format of 3 on 3 hockey provided an excellent platform for player development. Let’s explore the key areas of improvement:

1. Skating

With more open ice, players had to constantly move, improving their:
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Endurance

2. Speed

The fast-paced nature of 3 on 3 hockey naturally enhanced players’ speed:
  • Quick starts
  • Rapid direction changes
  • Fast transitions from offense to defense

3. Passing

Fewer players on the ice meant:
  • More frequent passing
  • Increased accuracy
  • Better timing and anticipation

4. Shooting

Players had more opportunities to take shots, leading to:
  • Improved accuracy
  • Quicker release
  • Better shot selection

5. Hockey IQ

The 3 on 3 format significantly boosted players’ hockey intelligence:
  • Enhanced decision-making
  • Better positional play
  • Improved situational awareness

The Power of Game-Based Learning

By focusing primarily on games, the camp provided:
  • Real-time application of skills
  • Increased engagement
  • Fun while learning

The Role of Coaches

The presence of additional coaches during skills sessions provided:
  • Personalized attention
  • Immediate feedback

Team Play in 3 on 3 Hockey

Despite the smaller team size, 3 on 3 hockey still emphasized:
  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Strategy

Goalies in 3 on 3 Hockey

Goalies faced unique challenges:
  • More shots
  • Quicker plays
  • Enhanced reflexes

Summer Hockey in Edmonton

Beat the Heat

The indoor rinks provided a perfect escape from the summer heat, rain, smoke, or snow, or, well, you know, it’s Edmonton. Wait 30 minutes, and the weather will change.

Flexible Scheduling

Multiple session times allowed for:
  • Family vacations
  • Other summer activities
  • Missed sessions with your team could be made up for by playing with another team. This had the bonus of allowing other friends to join the team for a game.

Time Management in 3 on 3 Hockey

The fast-paced open-ice games taught players valuable time management skills:
  • Quick decision-making
  • Efficient line changes by players encouraged players to go hard and then change quickly.

Conclusion: A Spring Well Spent

Paul Manning’s 3 on 3 hockey camp provided all players with:
  • Skill development
  • Team bonding
  • Spring fun
As the spring comes to a close, families can enjoy a well-earned summer break, thanks to his incredible experience at the 3 on 3 camp.  

Registering for Paul Manning’s 3 on 3 Hockey


The official website made registering a breeze:
  • Easy team creation
  • Clear session times
  • Streamlined payment process
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