Hockey Penalty with Classification and time

BoardingMinor2 or 5 minutes
ChargingMinor2 minutes
Contact to the HeadMinor2 minutes
Cross-CheckingMinor2 or 5 minutes
Delay of GameMinor2 minutes
ElbowingMinor2 or 5 minutes
SlashingMinor2 or 5 minutes
RoughingMinor2 minutes
ObstructionMinor2 minutes
High-StickingMinor2 minutes
KneeingMinor2 minutes
HoldingMinor2 minutes
Holding the StickMinor2 minutes
InterferenceMinor2 minutes
HookingMinor2 minutes
Unsportsmanlike ConductMinor2 minutes
TrippingMinor2 minutes
Butt-EndingMajor5 minutes
Checking from BehindMajor5 minutes
FightingMajor5 minutes
Fight InstigatorMajor2 minutes
Holding/Grasping the FacemaskMajor5 minutes
Pushing-off of Opponent with SkateMajor5 minutes
MisconductMajor10 minutes
SpearingMajor5 minutes

Rules of the Penalty Box

Hockey Players that receive a penalty must do their time in the penalty box. The penalty box is a small area that is connected to the ice but separated or isolated from the player’s bench.