Hockey Defense: Perfect Skating

Skating Defense Specific Movement Camp: Elevating Young Defenders Game

Perfect Skating’s Defense-Focused Hockey Camp

Is it defense or defence? In either case, if your player loves playing D and wants to raise their game to the next level, Perfect Skating’s Defense Specific Movement camp is a great camp. Max said it is a little more advanced than other camps he has been to. He loved the small ratio of instructors to players. After day one on the ice, Max said he felt he had improved.

This review explores how the camp develops five key elements essential for ice hockey and defensive skills: Shooting, Passing, Skating, Hockey IQ, and Speed.

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Mastering Backward Skating: The Foundation of Defensive Play

At the core of Perfect Skating’s program is an intense focus on backward skating. This fundamental skill is critical for defensemen, enabling them to maintain proper positioning and gap control. The camp’s early morning sessions from 7 am to 8 am provide dedicated time and a fresh mind for players to perfect this essential technique.

Shooting and Passing: Offensive Skills for Modern Defensemen

While defensive positioning remains paramount, today’s game demands defensemen contribute offensively. The camp integrates shooting and passing drills specifically tailored for blueliners, teaching techniques to create scoring chances from the point and make crisp outlet passes to forwards. Drills would often include a puck and end with a shot on the net.

The Foundation for Hockey IQ

As a parent observing from the sidelines, it’s important to recognize that complex skills like Hockey IQ typically develop over time. In my opinion, the Perfect Skating Defense Specific Movement camp lays crucial groundwork that may contribute to its long-term development.

The camp provides fundamental skills that are essential for young defensemen:

Backward skating


Shooting techniques

Gap control

Speed and agility

These basic skills are like learning to walk before you can shoot bardown while gliding on edge. They form the foundation upon which more advanced concepts, including Hockey IQ, can later be built.

Max playing defence on teams taking a shot on net. Only an Edge on the ice. Can you see the puck?

As players become more comfortable with these core abilities, they may mentally have more capacity to develop a better understanding of the game. However, it’s important to remember that this process takes time and varies for each individual player.

As parents and supporters, our role is to encourage consistent practice and love for the sport, allowing natural progression to occur at each player’s own pace.

Speed and Agility: Keeping Pace in a Fast-Paced Game

The modern game of ice hockey is faster than ever. Perfect Skating’s camp incorporates speed and agility training to ensure defensive players can keep up with swift forwards and quickly transition from defence to offence.

Putting It All Together: Comprehensive Defensive Tactics

Players learn to integrate all these skills into a complete defensive package throughout the camp. The program covers many aspects of defensive play, from proper stick positioning to many backward skating drills.


Perfect Skating’s Defense Specific Movement camp offers a comprehensive program for young D players looking to elevate their game to the next level. By focusing on the five key elements of Shooting, Passing, Skating, Hockey IQ, and Speed, with a particular emphasis on backward skating, the camp provides players with the tools they need to excel on the blue line.

For defensemen aiming to sharpen their skills and stand out on the ice, this camp offers an excellent opportunity to develop into complete, well-rounded players capable of shutting down the offense and contributing to their team’s success.

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