Essential Hockey Gear

Entry level gear including CCM. Customers can shop around for a reasonable price

Hockey Gear: Underwear (Shorts) with Jock

Bauer Hockey Shorts with Jock

When hitting the ice, hockey players need proper lower body protection that allows for flexibility and mobility. Hockey underwear or shorts with a built-in jock or jock strap is an essential base layer.



Note the velcro at the front and back of the shorts for Hockey Socks to be attached. The jock provides crucial protection for the groin area against impacts from pucks, sticks, or falls.



Top brands like CCM, Bauer, and Warrior offer a wide range of styles and sizes for youth and adult hockey underwear with jocks at the best price.

Hockey Underwear / Shorts with Jock

Hockey Knee Pads

Knee pads provide critical protection for hockey players, safeguarding their knees from the impacts of falls on the ice rink and deflecting hard shots that could cause serious injury. Look for knee pads constructed with a hard plastic exterior shell to deflect direct blows, with a soft interior padding that conforms to your knee for a comfortable fit.


The white knee pads are Bauer 9″, and the black knee pads are CCM 12″. For proper fit, the center of the knee pad’s top should cover the center of the player’s knee cap. The length should extend to the top of the skate, though some players, like Max, prefer their knee pads to extend just behind the skate tongue.

Hockey Socks That Attach to Velcro on Shorts

Hockey Socks that attach with Velcro to shorts - Hockey Equipment


Hockey Socks help keep shin guards in place and complete the team’s look. They feature a Velcro attachment system that secures to the shorts or pants.


These are often supplied by a team with the jersey or a camp with their jersey. Once you have one set of socks from a camp or a team, you have all that you need. Check with your first team or camp if they are provided.

Hockey Pants

Max is looking at his next pair of pants extending to the knee pads’ top, leaving no gaps. Pucks have an uncanny way of finding exposed areas without protective padding. Some pant models have a zipper that extends the leg padding down and provides better coverage to the knee pads.


Most new players will experience defence, and although they may not intentionally block many shots, the position is often between the shooter and the net.

CCM Hockey Pants (Hockey Equipment)

Hockey Skates with Skate Guards

CCM Hockey Skates with Skate Guards - Hockey Equipment

At the core of any hockey player’s gear setup are the skates. There is a huge selection of different styles and widths. Hockey skates differ from figure skates, with a separate rigid boot for increased ankle support.


Skates should be sharpened about 20 hours on ice or when your player thinks they are due. Sharp skates provide better grip during acceleration, stops, and turns, so sharpen them as needed.




Skate sizes are usually about one size below a shoe size. Max likes a wider skate; the narrow skate tends to hurt his foot. Have your player try on a few pairs.


When customers purchase new hockey skates, many shops heat mold the boot while having the customer wear it. My understanding is that this accelerates the break-in time.

CCM Hockey Skates - Hockey Equipment
Hockey Skate Guards - Hockey Equipment



Be sure also to pick up a set of skate guards that protect the blade edges when walking on non-ice surfaces.

Hockey Shoulder Pads

Bauer Hockey Shoulder Pads - Hockey Equipment

Protecting the shoulders, chest, spine, and upper body is crucial in hockey’s high-impact environment. Hockey shoulder pads are constructed from lightweight yet ultra-durable foam and plastic materials.


They feature chest plates, bicep guards, and adjustable straps for a customized fit.


Max had his grandma sew the CCM straps to make them shorter; his previous Bauer ones fit slightly better.

CCM Hockey Shoulder Pads - Hockey Equipment

Hockey Elbow Pads

CCM Hockey Elbow Pads - Hockey Equipment

Hockey elbow pads defend against impacts, slashes, and potential injuries from falling. A proper fit should secure the pad tightly to the elbow joint.


Top brands offer elbow pads in various sizes to fit both adults and kids, ensuring everyone stays protected on the ice.


On the left is Max’s first elbow pads. The CCM Tacks Ultra 2.0 are his current elbow pads.  


Invest in elbow pads from trusted hockey brands like CCM, Bauer, or Warrior, known for their protection and durability.

CCM Hockey Elbow Pad - Hockey Equipment

Hockey Neck Guard

At many events, the neck guard is mandatory to shield the vulnerable neck and throat area.


Neck guards can be a separate piece of equipment, like the one in the pictured. Or can be designed as a part of an undershirt.


Comfort is key.

Hockey Neck Guard - Hockey Equipment

Hockey Jersey

Hockey jerseys are often included in a team uniform package or with camp registration fees. The team or camp typically wants you to wear their jersey and matching socks to show you are a member. The jersey should fit comfortably over all the bulky protective equipment without excess material and shouldn’t be too baggy.

Hockey Helmet

Bauer Hockey Helmet with Cage - Hockey Equipment

Proper fit and comfort are the top priorities when selecting a hockey helmet for a player. A poorly fitting or uncomfortable helmet can be a major distraction and hindrance on the ice.


Look for helmets with adjustable padding and strap systems that allow you to get a snug but not overly tight fit. It’s ideal if players can do up their strap snaps and adjustments for a secure hold. Above all else, the helmet should have full facial protection, such as a cage or shield that wraps around the entire face area.


Your player can remain safe and focused when on the ice with the right fit, comfort, and full facial protection.

CCM Hockey Helmet with Cage - Hockey Equipment

Hockey Gloves

Bauer Hockey Gloves - Hockey Equipment

When outfitting a new hockey player with protective gear, shop for the right gloves.


Proper hockey gloves not only aid in stick handling for the game but also provide crucial defence against pucks, sticks, and impacts. Look for gloves with reinforced padding that extends above the wrist area.


There will be a gap between the top of the glove (cuff) and the bottom of the elbow pad.

Bauer Hockey Gloves - Hockey Equipment

Hockey Water Bottle With Extended Tip

Staying hydrated is key when exerting maximum effort during hockey games and practices. Hockey water bottles feature an easy-to-use squirt valve or pull-up spout with an extended tip that allows players to rehydrate without removing helmets.


Products such as these are typically an inexpensive way for a tournament to add value and will often include a custom water bottle for free. I’m sure your player will receive a whole collection in no time.

Hockey Sticks

Hockey Stick - Hockey Equipment

The right hockey stick is critical for performing at your best when playing ice hockey. Sticks come in a variety of materials – each with its own feel and characteristics. One factor to consider is choosing the flex. I have been told the flex should be around half your body weight. For example, an 80-lb player would want a stick in the 40-flex range.


When it comes to stick curves, this is very much a personal preference based on shooting style and ability level. Rather than ordering from a website, spend a day at a hockey shop with a large selection of sticks and a shooting area. Experiment with various curves to see what feels comfortable and suits your player’s game. Top brands like Bauer, CCM, Warrior, True, and Sherwood offer a wide assortment.


With so many high-performance options in hockey sticks, finding your perfect fit can unlock your full potential and give you a major advantage on the ice.

A time-saving tip for hockey pros!

We tried to write this website blog in the order that players typically get dressed.


If you add each piece of equipment to your bag in reverse order, working from the bottom layers up to the top, your gear will be neatly organized and ready to go in the proper sequence when it’s time to suit up.

Equipment Fitting – Hockey Canada


When wearing street shoes, your hockey stick should meet between your chin and mouth. When wearing your hockey skates, the top of your stick should meet the bottom of your chin.

Proper fitting hockey gear is very important. You should never buy hockey gear to grow into because it will slide away from the area it is meant to protect if it is too big.