Max’s Experience at Better Player: A Comprehensive Power Skating Camp Review


Better Player Power Skating strengthens muscles while teaching skating fundamentals.


As a parent dedicated to helping my son Max improve his hockey skills, I always seek value and quality in training programs. When I consider the value and the price, I often divide the total price by the number of hours on ice and come up with a price in dollars per hour. This was especially true when Max began to skate and then returned to hockey after a few years of playing soccer during Covid. With this in mind, I’m excited to share our experience with Better Player, a power skating camp that offers great value for the price and the amount of ice time.

What is Power Skating?

Power skating is the foundation of hockey excellence. It teaches proper skating biomechanics, focusing on efficient movement and speed on the ice. Skaters must spend time on the ice to skate, learn, and develop their skating technique. The lower body muscle groups are great for training the hips, ankles, knees, glutes, and body to become faster and more stable skaters.

The Importance of Proper Skating Biomechanics

Proper skating biomechanics are crucial for any hockey player. Better Player’s program excels in teaching these fundamental skills:

  1. Stride efficiency
  2. Balance and stability
  3. Power generation

Why Choose Better Player for Power Skating?

Better Player stands out for several reasons:

  1. Focus on skating fundamentals. In my opinion, each skate helps develop the muscles used in skating and other critical muscles that strengthen other parts, such as around the ankles, knee, and hips.
  2. Good coach-to-player ratio. I found that Better Player creates amazing value for the price. I appreciated when the coaches spent time with players individually.
  3. Integration of puck skills. Not every practice included pucks
  4. A Camp Suitable for Beginners and IntermediatesMax found this camp ideal for players at various skill levels. Whether you’re a novice or an intermediate player, Better Player offers valuable insights to improve your skating.

Taking a on ice break from just staking seemlessly translating the skate into game play.

Core Components of the Program

  1. Stride technique
  2. Edgework
  3. Power turns
  4. Acceleration drills

Engaging the Right Muscles for Skating

Better Player’s program emphasizes the activation and strengthening of key lower body muscle groups essential for skating:

  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves
  • Core muscles

The Role of Muscle and Mind Memory in Skating

Power skating isn’t just about physical movement; it’s about creating muscle and mental memory. Better Player’s approach ensures that proper techniques become second nature.

How Better Player Creates Muscle Memory

  1. Repetitive drills
  2. Focused feedback
  3. Progressive challenges

Seamlessly Translating Skills to Game Situations

The camp excels at teaching skills that seamlessly translate to real game scenarios on ice.

On ice body contact and a combination of varing training from week to week helped form and fun!

The Importance of Biomechanical Movement in Skating

Better Player taught the biomechanical movement in skating. This focus helps players:

  1. Increase efficiency
  2. develop core muscles used in skating
  3. Reduce injury risk
  4. Enhance overall performance

The Coaching Staff at Better Player

Diverse and Experienced Coaches

The camp boasts a team of knowledgeable coaches, including female coaches, which adds diversity to the learning experience.

Personalized Attention

With a good ratio of coaches to players, each athlete receives the attention needed to improve their skating technique.

Why Power Skating Matters in Hockey

The Foundation of All Hockey Skills

As Max learned, skating is what walking and running is to most sports – fundamental and irreplaceable.

Impact on Other Hockey Skills

Improved skating directly enhances:

  1. Puck control
  2. Defensive capabilities
  3. Offensive maneuvers

Conclusion: Is Better Player Worth It?

In our opinion, Better Player offers an exceptional power skating program that creates lasting improvements in a player’s skating ability.

Key Takeaways

  1. Good focus on proper skating biomechanics
  2. Effective use of innovative training methods
  3. Balanced approach with puck skills integration
  4. Suitable for beginners and intermediates

Final Thoughts

Better Player’s power skating camp is an invaluable investment for any minor hockey player looking to develop their skating skills. Expert coaching, focused training, and innovative play techniques make it a fantastic choice for young athletes.

Remember, in hockey, as in many sports, the difference between good and great often comes down to the fundamentals. Power skating is one of those critical skills that can elevate a player’s entire game. If you’re in Alberta or willing to travel, we highly recommend trying Better Player.

Don’t forget to check their website for upcoming camps and to register early, as spots tend to fill up quickly!

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