Your Guide to Some of Edmonton’s Best Hockey Camps!


Welcome to our hockey school, where our mission is to help young players develop their skills and passion for hockey. We aim to engage as many players as possible for as long as possible. Many Edmonton hockey camps take place in August to prepare players for tryouts and tiering. Join us as we explore and review Edmonton hockey camps, evaluating how each program develops the five key factors coaches look for in a player. Full disclosure: We are mainly reviewing camps to increase awareness of a great camp or two. Hockey is about having fun.


Summer Player development programs help a hockey player reach their full potential

Hockey is one of the great sports in which to have fun while exercising.


The Five Pillars of Hockey Excellence


1. Speed: The Game-Changer


Definition: Speed in hockey isn’t just about skating forward and backwards fast. It’s about quick starts, rapid direction changes, and explosive bursts that can make or break a play.

The best camps use exciting drills to boost players’ quickness. Players learn to start fast, change direction quickly, and burst past opponents. Coaches focus on proper technique to help players move efficiently on the ice. Speed training isn’t just about skating fast; it’s about reacting quickly in game situations.


2. Skating: The Foundation of Success


Definition: Skating (Power Skating) encompasses stride efficiency, edge work, and agility – the building blocks of every hockey player’s skill set.

Skating is the foundation of every player’s skill set. We’ve seen how top programs focus on improving stride efficiency, edge work, and agility. Coaches use fun drills to help players of all ages become better skaters. From learning to stop with their edges to mastering crossovers and eagle turns, these camps help players gain confidence on the ice. Good skating is key to excelling in hockey.


3. Passing: The Heartbeat of Teamwork


Definition: Passing involves accuracy, timing, and the ability to read the ice, enabling players to create scoring opportunities and maintain puck control.

Accurate passing is vital in hockey. Players learn to make crisp passes while standing still and moving. Coaches use creative drills to teach players how to pass under pressure and in game-like situations. Good passing helps teams control the puck and create scoring chances.


4. Shooting: Precision Meets Power


Definition: Shooting combines technique, accuracy, and power to turn scoring chances into goals.

Shooting accurately and powerfully is crucial for scoring goals. Understanding body contact is crucial for players to maintain control and execute powerful shots under pressure. On-ice and off-ice camps offer great shooting practice for players of all ages. Players learn proper techniques for wrist shots, slap shots, and quick releases. Coaches use targets and game-like drills to make shooting practice fun and effective.


5. Hockey IQ: The Mental Edge


Definition: Hockey IQ refers to a player’s ability to read the game, make smart decisions, and anticipate plays before they happen.

Hockey IQ is about understanding the game and making smart decisions. Camps and practices use scrimmages and scenario-based drills to develop this skill. Players learn to read the play, anticipate what’s coming next, and position themselves well. Coaches teach strategies that help players understand options for different situations, resulting in a versatile, adaptable player who can understand and make the best decisions in any situation. Watching young players grow their Hockey IQ is fascinating – it’s like seeing the game slow down for them.


Edmonton hockey camp leads to development and skills used in game.




Edmonton’s hockey camps offer excellent opportunities for players of all ages to develop these five crucial skills.

Whether you’re looking to register your child for their first camp or helping them excel in their game, there’s a program for everyone.

Remember, the focus is on fun, development, and building confidence on and off the ice.

Explore our reviews to find the perfect camp for your young hockey star!